Second Workshop of the RISE Network

On 16th and 17th of February 2017 members of the RISE network, refugees and asylum seekers, met for a second workshop at the Greek Forum of Refugees to define the next concrete actions and to discuss how the network will continue.

During the 2nd round of consultations the network members could deepen their understanding of the challenges refugees are facing in Europe today as well as collect proposed ideas for solutions. Based on 4 majors topics – legal issues, integration, accommodation and employment – the members focused on finding together relevant and adapted solutions for specific issues that had been mentioned by refugees during the consultations.

The network members separated into 4 working groups to develop concrete actions based on the designed ideas for solutions. Fruitful and concrete action groups have been designed to ensure the continuation of the initiated network. Among other things, the network is planning to create a database to assess refugees’ skills, launch a campaign aiming at revealing refugees’ rights inequality in Europe, create a website mapping the different reception conditions across Europe, organize events and seminars related to integration and hold sessions to promote refugees’ inclusion.

Furthermore a Joint Action Day will be carried out on 20th of March in Brussels focusing on the Common European Asylum System and the EU-Deals. The network members agreed on organizing individual meetings with members of the EU Parliament, a RISE launch event as well as a poster action in front of the EU Parliament. Based on the results of the consultation groups and additional individual cases the network will focusing specially on the policies’ impact on refugees’ daily life.
The RISE network members are very dedicated to undertake actions to advocate for refugees in Europe, to raise awareness at European, national and local level and to come up with ideas to improve refugees’ living conditions across Europe.

“The project RISE is part of Advocate Europe, the European idea challenge by MitOst in cooperation with Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator”


March 1, 2017