RISE Statement – Following a field visit to Lesvos

Lesvos, 22nd of July 2017

Following a field visit to Lesvos from 20th to 21st July 2017, We, members of the Refugee Ideas and Solutions for Europe-RISE Network call on the EU to drop the EU-Turkey Deal.

Based on our visit and meetings with the asylum seekers on the island, some of whom are in hunger strike, we confirm our views of the EU-Turkey deal:

  • The deal goes against all European values
  • It is inhumane and punishes those who have made horrendous journeys in the search of safety and protection.
  • It lacks any safeguard mechanism to ensure safety and well-being of people returned to turkey – when people reaches our shores they become our responsibilities.

The RISE Network recognizes that EU is going through unprecedented challenges with the number of the people reaching its shores, as the surrounding regions are going through turbulence and a period of great instability.  We call upon the EU to stand up to those challenges and address them in accordance with the values and principals that the EU was built upon.

In the past, the EU provided temporarily humanitarian passports to people fleeing wars and conflicts and now we see the right time to revisit such initiative. Any EU deal or policy must have saving human lives at the heart of it.










July 22, 2017