RISE, Pan-European network gathers in Brussels to demand asylum reform 20/03/2017

17 March 2017

A new Europe-wide network of refugee and migrant organisations from 14 different countries, RISE, will gather at Brussels on Monday (20th March) to call on legislators to treat migrants and refugees fairly and humane.

The participation and contribution of refugees’ and migrants’ ideas and solutions are essential to ensure a constructive and peaceful cohesion in Europe. Refugees are part of solutions and should not be considered merely as receivers of help but as active contributors and actors of societies” [Yonous Muhammadi, Rise Network Member and President of the Greek Forum of Refugees].

The joint action day will start with an open launch event of the network from 9.00 am to 11.00 am at ECRE Brussels Office. The network members will introduce the vision and objectives of RISE, illustrate the work already achieved and present future action plans. A special focus will be on different RISE working groups related to labour market, accommodation, integration, EU deals and European Asylum Application.

Within the day, the RISE network will raise a range of rights issues with parliamentarians, including a call to abolish Europe’s Dublin Regulation and replace it with a Single Fair and Decent European Asylum Application. The Dublin Regulation, for which a series of exemptions expired last week (15th March) regulates responsibility for asylum applications, stipulating that asylum seekers are the responsibility of the EU Member State in which they first arrive. Critics point out that it forces member states at European borders to take disproportionate amounts of responsibility, and forces asylum seekers to relocate to EU countries where they allege severe mistreatment including beating, caging and waterboarding.

It doesn’t work for the asylum seekers who are at risk of being sent to countries that abuse them and it doesn’t work for struggling economies in Southern Europe having to do more than their fair share. The European Union must suspend Dublin transfers and replace the system as a matter of grave urgency.”[Nazek Ramadan, RISE network member and director of UK-based charity Migrant Voice]

In parallel, network members will reveal documented testimonies of refugees, who were victims of the so called EU-Deals by participating at the 1st anniversary of the EU Turkey deal – European Parliament roundtable (organised by Human rights Watch).

Additionally the network work launched the petition STOP TRADING REFUGEES – END INHUMAN EUROPEAN MIGRATION DEALS by urging the European Union authorities to end “migration deals”, and work on ensuring the respect of all human rights, provide international protection and to come up with an alternative migration policy.

“Refugees, diaspora, migrants and exiles spread out a new culture of peace and human rights representing the spirit of cosmopolitan community which can be seen as utopian system where everyone, regardless of who they are, can be welcomed, valued, and accepted in the community.  Europe is right place because of its tradition and culture of tolerance and human values.” [Yagoub Kibeida, RISE network member and Vice-President of Mosaico Refugees]

Additional Information

  1. ECRE Brussels Office : Rue Royale 146, 1st Floor, 1000 Brussels,Belgium
  2. Agencies will gather for a photocall next to Europe House [PROVISIONAL] at 1300 on Monday 20 March, at which media and photographers are welcome.

For further information please contact :  [email protected]

“They cannot decide for our future without us”[ RISE network member]

“The project RISE is part of Advocate Europe, the European idea challenge by MitOst in cooperation with Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator”

March 17, 2017